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Products For Attorneys

  • Michigan Court Formswe stock virtually all forms approved for use in the Michigan courts on our shelves for same day shipping up to 4 o’clock. UPS delivers the next business day in most of Michigan and within 2 business days for those in the Upper Peninsula. 
  • Business cards Full color for as low as $40 per thousand 
  • Printed letterhead, envelopes or Pleading paper
  • Basic business envelopes Standard window envelopes printed with return address and delivered go for only $250 for 5000. We offer both regular and window envelopes in popular sizes with or without inside tinting and some with flip and seal flaps you don’t need to moisten 
  • Blank stationery paper you can print on your laser printer and matching envelopes as well. 
  • CFB carbonless paper If you want to print your own forms we sell blank carbonless self-imaging paper for use in laser or inkjet printers where you print one copy at a time. You can print as many copies as you want using just the one kind of paper. All the sheets image to the next sheet. 
  • precollated sets that you buy in specific numbers per set. If you print 2, 3, and 4 part forms you would need to buy all three types of precollated sets. With CFB paper you print them all on the same paper and simply print as many parts as you want. 
  • We also have full color short run capabilities which are perfect for your office brochures or handouts to prospective clients at conferences and shows. We can custom design these specifically for your firm and print as few as 100 at reasonable prices. Of course we can print many more also at fantastic pricing. Please call us for further information.
Attorney Products
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